File 1 – Who's Neurotic?

Okay.  Where to begin.  Well, I am the mother of two boys – ages six and three.  I suffer from anxiety, am mildly obsessive and totally neurotic.  My passions are anything involving food – cooking, baking, The Food Network…eating – and murder.  Yes, you read that right, murder.  I am a true crime fanatic!  In fact, whenever there is a new podcast, documentary or even anything in the current news, I always hear about it from several people, in all aspects of my life.  Does this make me feel slightly on the strange side?  Not in the least.  I just really appreciate people thinking about me.

I used to love writing, before my littles came into this world.  But it has been several years, since I last worked on anything.  Lately, I have been feeling that need to express myself, again, so I figured, why not try this blogging thing?  So, here I am.  Each week, I am going to do one blog post – one file.  Share the honest musings of a neurotic mama, stumbling her way through parenthood, eating everything in sight, and trying to keep her shit together.  Did I mention eating?  Now, to the issue that got me amped up, this week. 

My six-year-old is getting bullied, at school.  Now, my first instinct, is to go to the schoolyard and get gangster.  My husband told me that may not be a good idea….  Alright, then, let’s just pull him out and home school him…  But, after much consideration, on my part anyways, this was also not an option.  I told my boy to ignore them – didn’t work.  I told the VP, who was a really helpful combination of unprovoked bitchiness, condescension and denial. 

This week, one of these bullies choked my son.  Choked….him.   Like, WTF? And did the school tell me?  Nope.  I had to drag it out of my little man.  Now, mama is no fool, I know six-year-olds can not always be trusted, so I texted the mom of another child, who saw it happen, and his story mirrored my child’s.  This time, even though I had such a positive experience with the VP last time, I decided to email the teacher.  She was graceful and understanding and promised to keep an eye out.  But here is where my obsessiveness comes in…  Did she contact the other boy’s parents? Did she tell the principal?  Will she call me and tell me next time something like this happens?  I wake up at 4 am, thinking about these things.  Maybe I should attach a GoPro to my son.  Obtain undeniable, video evidence of these kids acting like assholes.  See…this true crime stuff comes in handy.

At the end of the day, I have decided to put faith in the teacher and that she will share the information through the necessary channels.  I will continue to hound my little boy, everyday after school – How was your day?  Who did you play with?  Is there anything that you need to tell me?  Was everyone being nice?

Does Mommy need to lose her shit? 

Not this week.