File 2 - No...Ice...Baby

I am back!  I made it through my first blog post with no death threats....  I  mean, I only shared it with family and close friends, but, many of them offered to come be gangster with me on the playground, so I feel relieved about the lack physical threats.  But, in all honesty, it was a terrifying thing, to share my writing.  My anxiety and neurosis were at an all time high.  So many mean things my brain told me - This is stupid!  You are not a good writer!  You are not funny!  You are not a good Mom!  You are starving!!!!!!  Wait.....what?    I told her to shut-up and now I am not sure where our relationship stands.....I am trying to stay positive....

On a note, from the post from last week, I got a call from the principal today. Guess whose kid, hit another kid, on the bus?  Apparently, mine!  I say apparently because I still don't believe it, even though he admitted it, twice.  Do all parents react that way, when they are told that their kids have done something wrong?  Like - Nope!  My child would never do that.  This is total bull.  Do you even know my kid?  Because, no word of a lie, those were my thoughts.  VP is definitely bad cop because the principal, we will call her P from this point on, was unbelievably kind about the whole thing.  Good cop vs bad cop, yeah I have seen that work a many a time on the ID channel.  The details are muddy but it definitely created another opportunity to talk our little about the importance of keeping our hands to ourselves and not being a D.

Have I mentioned that I suffer from anxiety?  Over the years, I have learned the things that help me deal with this.  My trinity is running, cooking, writing.  This weekend, it was all about the cooking.  We were hosting a family supper to celebrate my Mom's and sister's birthdays.  These are legit, two of the most bad-ass women, that I know.  Which is amazing, because I was raised by them!  I had this crazy idea that I would make everything from scratch - the pasta, the bread, the salad dressing, and the cake.  All of this was fine.....except for the cake.  Here's the thing.......icing fu**ing hates me!!!!  It doesn't matter what I do....HATES ME.  But, seriously, WTF?    I follow the recipe....too runny.  I hold back on the liquid..too thick.  This time I wasn't giving up.  This time, icing and I managed to find some kind of happy medium, but then I had to ice the cake.  Here's how I did:

Ya....great.  I don't even eat cake, for goodness sake!  Lucky for me, my husband has way more skill, and more importantly, a healthier relationship with icing, and he was able to come it and save the day.  Here is how he did:

Overall, the dinner was a success.  Lots of food, laughter and true crime trivia (obviously).  Everyone said the cake was delicious, but I preferred to just glare at it, from across the room.  I have found that, with my anxiety, it is important to find things and places that quiet my overactive mind.  Cooking for my family and those I care about, does that.

It has been a busy week and a humbling week.  Thank you so much to all my family and friend gangsters for all of your love and support.

Does Mommy need to lose her shit?

Not this week.