File 5 - Doll Face

I never liked dolls.  Even when I was little, I didn't have a lot of dolls.  I mean, I had two Cabbage Patch dolls, Natalie and Cory, but I feel like that was a right of passage for children that were born in the eighties.  But they never seemed to bother me.  It was the China dolls.  The ones with the porcelain faces, extravagant outfits, and eyes that followed you everywhere you went.  Those have always bothered me.  I remember my niece used to collect them and they were stored up on the shelf, in her closet.  I remember staying over at my sister's place and sleeping in my niece's room and seeing those evil b**ches glaring out at me, from the closet, in the dark.  The whites of their eyes, so bright in the darkness.  I would get up and close the closet door and I was a grown ass adult.  And then, just to drive the point home, there is Annabelle.

The other doll that traumatized me, in my youth, was Chucky.  I mean, I was probably overreacting.  I do have anxiety and all.  What is so bad about a doll, that looked just like an actual doll that was out at the time (I think it was called My Little Buddy), that came to life and went on murderous rampages?  Who wore the same overalls that one of my Cabbage Patches had?  Maybe they were all in on it together.....

As I was saying, I never really trusted, I mean, liked, dolls.  The other night, my husband was emptying a backpack, when he calls my name.  This means he has found something.  Immediately, my mind begins to run through possibilities....old food, a long lost water bottle we had given up all hope of being returned, another kid's clothing, a rock.  But nope.  It was this:

WTF is that???  It literally has red X's for eyes....  Neither my husband nor I have any idea how this doll ended up in the backpack.  And it wasn't in my oldest's backpack, that travels to and from school, but a backpack we only use for running around, on the weekend.  This why I have never trusted dolls.  This element of surprise thing.  I am telling you, when this thing emerged, I was totally unnerved.  I don't want to be repetitive, but red X's for eyes!!!!  And now it lives in my house...

Other than the unexpected arrival of our new resident, the rest of the week/weekend was amazing.  I decided that we were going to do a redo of last weekend, because, you know....barfageddon.  I let my boys play hookie, from school on Friday, and took them to the theater.  My husband met us there, and thank goodness for that!

When we take the boys to the movies, it is always the same predictable progression.  My husband and I sit on the outside and put our littles in between us.  You don't put your child, next to an innocent stranger, if you can avoid it!  My oldest always sits next to me because we like to share popcorn that we cover in the totally synthetic, unhealthy and completely delicious "butter flavored' drizzle.  My youngest and my husband prefer theirs "au natural".

Usually, around half way through the movie, when we are all done stuffing our faces, I will see our youngest sit up out of his seat and look around.  Then he makes eye contact with me.  Then he mouthes the words "I want Mommy."  Then, down he comes and gets in my lap, for the remainder of the movie,  This happens....every...time.  In the past, I didn't mind at all.  Actually, thanks to the over-sized recliner seats, it is just like cuddling and watching a movie at home.  But this time was different.  This time he didn't just want Mommy. This time he wanted to know why everyone was doing everything in the movie, and he wanted to go home, and he missed his home, and he loved me, and he wanted to explain how he earned his last minion in Minion Rush.  Then, when I told him he had to stop talking, he decided he didn't want Mommy.  He wanted to sit on the sticky floor and watch the movie.  YOLO!!!  By the time we left the theater, I was totally exhausted!

That's the thing with kids.  Everything is an adventure and I love it.  There is no such thing as predictable.  Same with dolls...... I guess....?  The unpredictable part, not the adventure or the love part.  Let's be honest, they are just creepy as f*ck.

Does Mommy need to lose her shit?

Not this week.