File 15 - The Pedaling Principle

Spring in finally here!  After what seemed like longest winter ever, this past weekend, we finally got some t-shirt temperatures.  It was starting to feel like we lived in Winterfell.  I was beginning to wonder if a raven was going to deliver my next Amazon package....  Speaking of GOT references, I tried to be clever and quote the series, to my husband, the other night. The problem is, I said "The night is long and full of horrors".  He heard, "The night is long and full of whores" (obviously).  The actual quote is, "The night is long and full of terrors".  Nailed it!!!

Anyhow, you have to love spring.  The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and there is the enchanting scent of mud and cow patty floating in the air.  You get to stash away all of the hats, mitts, and cold weather attire, that have overstayed their welcome.  You get to open your doors and windows and let the sunshine in on the dark and dank cavern, that has become your home.  You get to dust off your flip-flops.  Hell yes!  But then, in our house, the objects of never-ending frustration and apprehension are demanded, by the littles - their bikes.

Don't get me wrong, I think that biking is great.  I'm not a monster!  I know how amazingly freeing it is, to be able to explore on your bike, when you are a kid.    However, we are not at this stage, yet.  We are at the - I love my helmet and the idea of my bike, but the motion of pedaling is too exhausting to learn, so I will just walk - stage.  With the helmet on, of course.  Safety first!  And I am left to bring the bike back, on these excursions.  I am a little bit too large to ride it.  Just a smidge.... Depending on the distance, it is usually too heavy to carry.  So, I am forced to do the crooked walk, dragging the two-wheeler next to me, by a handlebar.  Every few steps, I have to stop and set it back up, because it has fallen to one side, and I have gotten a training wheel in the ankle. As I whisper curse words under my breath, my little helmet head marches in front of me, like a boss.

My oldest has conquered the pedaling principle, so now we are considering the removal of the training wheels.  While my heart swells with pride, my anxiety is like "Ah, say what now?".  So many things to worry about.  Can he handle this type of freedom?  What if he gets hurt?  What about cars?  Or a really big hill?  This is a big moment is his young life.  A rite of passage, of sorts.  Is he ready for this?  Am I?  And I am tearing up. FFS!  What has happened to me?  I now get emotional over bicycle safety accessories?

But, seriously, we are all excited for spring.  May is bananas!  B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  I said that May is bananas!  B-A-N... okay....I'll stop.  But, seriously, I think I can say, with confidence, that the majority of people that I have met in my lifetime, have been born in May.  My son, husband, niece, brother-in-law, and best friend, all have their birthdays this month.  It is crazy!  But, it means lots of time with my favorite things - family, friends and food.  And bike rides...we can't forget that.

Does Mommy need to lose her shit?

Not this week.