File 37 - Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you remember "Choose Your Own Adventure" books?  If you do remember, turn to page 10; if you don't remember, turn to page "are you f**king kidding me?".  No, no.  Just joking.  There is no page 10!  My oldest is turning into a book worm.  I mean, he literally, looks like a worm.  Cuddled up on the couch, with a graphic novel, blanket wrapped tightly around him, from neck to feet.  In a matter of months, this child has burned through the two superhero series - the one of the chubby man who fights bad guys in giant underpants and the one with the dog and cat duo.  And now Mama is on a mission.  Find him more books.  A series would be even better. Some parents wish that their children will be sports stars or dancers, doctors or lawyers.  Here is is my biggest wish for my littles......that they will be.....wait for it.....avid readers.  If that isn't badass, than I don't know what is.

Don't get me wrong, I want them to do whatever makes their beautiful little hearts beat.  But, I see a book in their hands, and I feel like I have done my job.  #nailedit. Growing up, I always had my head in a book.  I read all the series - Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Choose Your Own Adventure, Babysitter's Club, Fear Street (once a murder buff, always a murder buff).  Listen, if there was a mystery to be solved, I was going to solve that shit.  Me and all of my super clever, gorgeous, witty and totally fictional friends were on the case!  You know who wasn't invited?  Anxiety.  Nancy and I don't have time to listen to all of your grievances, Anxiety.  We have to hatch a plan, to break into the school so that we can solve the conundrum of the missing football trophy.  Byeeeeeee!!!!

But, really, is there anything more comforting than a library or a bookstore?  The scent of ink filled pages, a history of dust and fresh brewed coffee.  The snap sound, when you open a hardcover that has been wrapped in a plastic cover.  Running your hands along the alluringly coloured spines and imagining what tales lie within. Giving Anxiety the the finger, while you cradle a handful of fiction and a cup of joe, and she has her mistrusting face pressed against the window.  The likes of her are not allowed in this sacred space. This is a neurosis-free zone.  At least, for this Mama.

Back to my oldest being a bad ass bookworm.  Since he is beginning to follow in my literary footsteps, okay literary may not be the right word, but as it appears the love of a story seems to have been passed on, I am obsessed with finding him books and series that he will adore. He is a little too young for the boy wizard or the winter coming, so I decided to look for the classic Choose Your Own Adventure.  Do you want to know what makes you feel old AF?  When a series that you read when you were young is not available in store anymore but can only be ordered online.  I guess this round goes to Anxiety.  Turn to page 3, if you think I should order the entire series online, turn to page 1, if you think I should punch Anxiety in the face.  I think I shall try both adventures.  Anything to keep my baby in a book.

Does Mommy need to lose her shit?

Not this week.