File 38 - Minis, Murder Mavens and Mash

I love Thanksgiving.  A weekend that is filled with food, family, food, naps, food, wine, foo....well, you catch my drift.  I mean, this kind of eating takes some serious planning.  There is the consulting of several Pinterest boards.  Calling your Mom to make sure that she will help you with the gravy, otherwise, you will inevitably f**k it up.  At least, that is what Anxiety keeps reminding you, as she tightens her scratchy wool scarf and sniffles.  She is amping up for flu season.  There is the list for each store.  Getting your battle stance ready - chin up, elbows out - to get to the good brussel sprouts first.  No one wants the bottom of the bin brussels, all bruised and bummed out.

Of course, Thanksgiving is also for giving thanks.  There are so many things that I am thankful for.  The most obvious would be my beautiful little boys.  These two perfect specimens of human life that have taught me to love harder and check myself more often, than I ever thought was possible.  They have shown me that I would take a bullet for someone, shoot a bullet for someone or give someone's 7 year old kid the craziest death stare you have ever seen.  If you mess with my kids, I will destroy you!  I don't care if you are in Kindergarten or Superman.  No, no.  You are right. I am losing focus.  Threatening destruction is not in the spirit.  Back to being thankful.

I am thankful for my favorite murder podcast, whose name may or may not be in the first part of this sentence.  Yes, my favorite murder podcast is called My Favorite Murder.  Once in awhile, you come across something that changes your life.  These two girls bosses - Karen and Georgia - inspired me to write again, to brawl with Anxiety, and to fly my true crime obsession freak flag.  They have motivated me to want more out of life and they have made me laugh my ass off, the entire time.  For some, it could be a book, a movie, a song.  For me, it was two bad ass women from Los Angeles, chatting about murder.  #murderinoforlife

And, not to state the obvious, I am thankful for mashed potatoes.  Don't get me wrong, I try to give all food a chance.  No cuisine is turned away.  Well, except cooked carrots.  F**k you cooked carrots!!!  Okay, okay.  I admit it.  I still eat them.  Only because I don't want to leave anyone out.  I adore turkey and I am extremely fond of stuffing.  As I mentioned, I will go out of my way to find sprouts, so that there are no bruised balls on the plate.  But, when I get up for seconds, you better believe it is for those creamy and buttery mashed potatoes.  You try and take that last portion of potatoes, I will destroy you!  I don't care if you are my guest or my husband.  Oopsie!!!  Pardon my combativeness.  I am just really serious about this side. 

Other than my minis, murder mavens and mash, I am thankful for the life that I get to live everyday.  It's busy, it's messy, it's imperfect AF.  Anxiety never leaves, but she has no manners.  Still, it is hilarious, entertaining and jam packed with love, family and friends.  And food.  So very, very thankful.   

Does Mama need to lose her shit?

Not this week.