File 64 - Minecraft, Murder and Maniacal Laughing

They say that couples that are together for a long time, start to look like each other.  I have never put much stock in this twinning talk.  What I have started noticing, since my family and I have been confined to our home, is that our interests and personalities seem to be blurring into each other.  I am telling you, it is all Minecraft, murder and maniacal laughing over here.

The other night at supper, my oldest, who I feel I need to say is seven years old, explained to me three living spaces that he had created in Minecraft:

"The first place is an apartment.  It doesn't have a big kitchen, that you like, but it does have three bedrooms and a view.  The second place is a house.  It is only one bedroom and one bath, but it has a large kitchen and a great outdoor space.  The third place is made completely of glass and is on its own island. It has a place for you to have a library and do yoga and a big bathtub, like you wanted.  Now, is there one that we can cross off right away?"

Did my sweet baby just say "great outdoor space"? I can tell from his expression, that he is all business.  I am suddenly acutely aware of how my home network bingeing is affecting my family.  Then, from my youngest:

"And don't pick the one too close to Daddy, in case you want to murder Daddy."

Ah, say what now?  Did my sweet baby just say "murder"?  I try to ascertain where he would come up with such a notion, avoiding the accusatory stare coming from my husband. My oldest takes my bewilderment and horror, as buyer's indecision.  He takes me to the screen, so that I can have a full virtual walk through of all the properties.  To be fair, the one bedroom house was pretty cute.  I negotiated some extra windows, a bathtub and landscaping into the deal.

I busted out my adult colouring book, that my hubby bought me for Christmas, a few years back.  After completing one picture, I realized that the markers that I had did not offer enough colour options.  No joke, I rummaged through all of my boys' art supplies, until I found all of the pencil crayons in this house.  Then, while my boys worked on real estate development and sales and crime prevention, I sat at the table and coloured.   You better believe that when I was finished my masterpiece, I ran into the room where my tiny humans were and held it up proudly for their approval.  They smiled and murmured, "Good job" or something to that effect.  It may have just been a "Ya".  Still, I walked away, smiling, feeling like the best colourer ever!

As I mentioned, everything is blurring into each other.  Adults are colouring and children are selling properties. And identifying potential neighborhood disputes. Yes......disputes.  It's fine.  Everything is fine.  Want to have a colouring contest?  Loser buys the wine.

Does Mommy need to lose her shit?

Not this week.