File 78 - Summer Sabbatical

Back in February, before the pandemic arrived and pooped all over everyone's plans, we had booked a condo for a couple of days in July.  The place was out of the city, had a private lake, a pool, and even an indoor jungle gym for the kids.  A little summer sabbatical.  Lots of swimming for the littles, snoozing for the parents and snacks for all!  As the date approached, we debated whether or not to take our mini vacation.  Covid had closed the pool and the play area, but the condo was still available.  Ultimately, the desperate need for a change of scenery won out and we decided that we were going take the trip.

Preparing and packing took on its usual routine.  It started with the lists.  The grocery list, the kitchen supply list, the stuff from the basement list, the bathroom list.  And, this year making its inaugural appearance, the pandemic list.  Masks? Check. Wipes? Check. Hand sanitizer? Check. Pandemic panic? Check. Packing is a practice in precision.  I pack the boys and myself, while Anxiety packs her bag. Pajamas, clothes, towels.  Uncertainty, fear, doubt.  She's really a good time.  

Once we hit the road, our apprehension shifted to curiosity.  Excitement, even.  Everyone chatting zealously.  The topics shifting from the bridges and the houses, to the forest and how many bodies could potentially be buried out there.  No.  That last part was in my head.  Seeing as how I was contemplating murder when we pulled up at the main lodge, I guess it wasn't surprising that it seemed to resemble something out of a horror movie.   The large barn type building ominous against the deserted mountainside.  This was not what the pictures looked like on the website.  I was beginning to wonder if it would be Norman Bates checking us in.  Lucky for us, this building of possible bloodshed and butchery  was only the place where we picked up our keys.  As we drove down a gravel road, the clouds parted, the sun came out and we arrived at our condo.

As a testament to the times, we had to wipe down every single surface inside the condo, before we unpacked anything.  Nothing would be touched by a human hand, before it has been scrubbed with a Lysol wipe.  My new perfume - L'eau de Lysol.  Once we sanitized the space, we hunkered down for our holiday.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on where you stand on the Covid coin, it poured rain for the entire first day and most of the night.  This meant we stayed in and stayed safe.  Snuggled up with books and Roblox.  The second day was sunny, so we headed to the beach.

The beach started out amazing.  We were there early, so there wasn't really anyone there.  We got to swim, fish and kayak without incident.  It was beautiful.  But, as it got later in the day, the beach became more crowded.  People were not following the basic principles of social distancing.  Before I knew it, I was at the water's edge yelling like a crazy woman for my child to get out of the water.  I told him to cover his nose and mouth with his towel, while we rushed to get our stuff together. Then we hauled ass out of there. What in the actual pandemic f**k?

Overall, the summer sabbatical was a success.  Change of scenery? Check.  Haunted cabin? Check. Reading and Roblox? Check.  Swimming and water sports? Check. Fleeing the beach in a pandemic panic? Check. 

Does Mommy need to lose her shit?

Not this week.