File 84 - Self-Governing Schema

"I have an idea.  We should have a free day."  This was a suggestion given by one of the littles, in regards to what we should be doing for the long weekend, before school starts up again.  This notion of a free day was confusing to me.  I mean, isn't that what they have everyday?  Roll out of bed.  Have breakfast made for them.  Play.  Have lunch made for them.  Hang out and play.  Have supper made for them.  Chill. Get tucked in. Repeat. These kids are chillin, like villains, and there ain't no snack they're not spilling.   So, as you can imagine, it took me a minute to figure out how these gorgeous babies thought that they could live any more free.  

"You know, like a day where we can do whatever we want." Again, this baby needed to work on his delivery.  I am fairly certain that the daily light saber battles were not my idea.  Though, at this point, his vision is beginning to become more clear to me.  He wants a day where he can do whatever he wants, without any parental limits.  Essentially, he wants to play video games all day. All. Day.  I weigh this idea.  This self-governing schema.  Let's be honest, all those screen time experts would be screaming in horror.  Especially Karen.  As it is, these boys are having more screen time than they probably should.  However, they have also had the most disruptive and confusing few months of their short lives.  There have been no family gatherings, no playdates and no birthday parties.  Most of the time when they ask for things, we have to say "no" or "after the Coronavirus".  F**k it.  Free day it is.

We explained to our beautiful babies, that we were also going to have a free day.  That's what they meant, right?  A free day for everyone?  This meant that we weren't going to make their meals for them.  We weren't going to take them to the park.  From the aghast looks on their tiny faces, we realized that this day of liberty had its' limits.  No buffoonery for the bosses.  The inmates were going to be running the joint.  Well, at least we tried.

The build-up to free day was epic.  Can I go on YouTube?  Not now, but it's almost free day!  We have to make sure that the house is clean, so that we are ready for free day!  Make sure that you get to sleep quick because you want to be rested for free day!  I miss the vitality of those days..... 

When the much anticipated day arrived, it was largely uneventful.  I say that from my perspective.  The boys competed in endless binary battles and terrorized several virtual villages.  They didn't get dressed, they didn't pick up a book, they didn't give one single f**k.  They literally played video games all day.  No  restrictions.  They had their free day.  And they loved it.  To be fair, I loved giving it to them.  It was just nice to be able to say yes to something.  

So, now they are back to chillin.  Like villains. Snack spillin. Until virtual school beginnin'.  

Does Mommy need to lose her shit?

Not this week.