File 90 - Oreo Megoreo

He finally slept through the night.  A full six hours, without waking up and crying.  I couldn't believe it. To be fair, he was in our bed.  He had also had a rough night, the previous night, with an upset stomach.  But six hours, is six hours.  Unfortunately, he did wake us up by biting.  Sigh.  Baby steps.  Or I guess I should say puppy steps. We have had our puppy Oreo, for just over a month now.  He is the most beautiful, sweet, little fur baby and fits into our crazy family perfectly.  

It has been a whirlwind of pup personality.  Or, split personalities?  Oreo basically has two ways of existence, right now.  He is snuggling up with you, going in and out of slumber, and making the most adorable puppy breathing noises.  It is that, or he is all out biting the shit out of you.  And everyone.  And everything.  It is like the floor is lava, except the floor is sharp needle puppy teeth.  Every step, a spotted animal flying through the air, mouth open, aimed at your legs.  Every man, woman and child for themselves.  We refer to this nipping side of him, as his evil alter ego - Megoreo.  I thought that my kids gave zero f**ks.  Megoreo eats f**ks for breakfast and then poops them on my floor.  He is not here to play.  Megoreo came to cause mass destruction, in the form of superficial skin injuries to ankles, feet and toes.  Or he is here to play?  It can be so hard to tell.  The switch from Oreo to Megoreo happens in a flash.  A flash of fangs and fury.   

My husband says I am obsessed with Oreo.  Obsessed seems like a strong word.  Just because I text him several times, when I am not home, and ask him how my fur baby is doing and demand that he send me  pics, does not an unhealthy attachment make.  I miss him.  And with this whole pandemic situation, we don't really spend that much time apart.  Oreo, I mean.  He is probably wondering where I am.  Why I left.  If I'm coming back.  That's why I do the FaceTime calls.  It's not obsession.  I'm just a new puppy parent.  It's fine!

I even left my baby Oreo on his own, for the first time, this week.  We put him in his crate.  Well, I didn't put him in his crate.  My husband did.  I took my littles outside to the car, so that I didn't have the hear him cry.  I'll do it next time.  Otherwise, the time after.  At some point.  Stop judging me!  Anyways, we left him alone for a couple of hours.  Did I obsess over him, while we were out?  No.  Did I worry? Yes.  Did I mention that concern?  Yes.  More than once?  Maybe.  Did the idea of getting a puppy cam where I can see and talk to him while we are away cross my mind?  Perhaps.  He's our new baby.  I also heard that you can get a puppy carrier, like a baby carrier, and carry them on your chest.  Just saying.  Not that I would do that.

Our sweet Oreo Megoreo has changed our lives in the most amazing and terrifying ways.  We have faith that as he grows and matures, we will see less of the infamous Megoreo.  I have to go now and see how he is doing downstairs without me.  

Does Mommy need to lose her shit?

Not this week.